Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah is Labor’s candidate for Higgins.

Michelle is a frontline doctor, infectious diseases expert and working mum.

From humble beginnings, Michelle’s parents migrated to Australia in search of abetter life for their children. Michelle understands the powerful role that education and hard work can play in changing lives–because it changed hers.

And it was through her drive that Michelle is now one of Australia’s leading experts in infectious diseases.

For the last 13 years, Michelle led a team of frontline healthcare professional sat The Alfred. As COVID-19 struck, they faced unprecedented challenges. Michelle co-founded Health Care Workers Australia, and together with hundreds of frontline healthcare professionals, led the fight to better our pandemic response.

Now, Michelle is putting her career aside because she’s fed up with Scott Morrison and the Liberals.

Michelle is asking for your vote because she believes we can choose a better future. Michelle believes that this election really matters, and that we need to elect a government that will stand up, take responsibility and lead our nation.

For our planet. For good jobs. To restore integrity to our democracy. So that we prosper, with an economy driven by manufacturing and renewables.

That’s why Michelle wants to be your Labor Member for Higgins – to work with you to build a better future for our nation.

Michelle lives in Melbourne with her husband, two children and two big, friendly dogs.