I'm Michelle

After 13 years at The Alfred, and 25 years as a practising doctor, I’m running as Labor’s candidate for Higgins.

I’m putting my career aside because leadership matters.

For our planet. For good jobs. To restore integrity to our democracy. So that we prosper, with an economy driven by manufacturing and renewables.

This election is a critical juncture for our nation.

We can choose a second decade of drift under Scott Morrison and the Liberals, or we can elect a government that leads our nation and chases modernity.

And in Higgins, this election will come down to a handful of votes.

Higgins can deliver our country a better future - Higgins can deliver a Labor Government.

I would love to hear your thoughts about our country and our community. Please get in touch.


What I'm Fighting For
Tackling Climate Change and Creating Good Jobs
Only a Labor government will take meaninful action on climate change. Our Powering Australia plan will create 600,000 jobs and help supercharge our economy by making Australia a renewable energy superpower.
Building a Future Made in Australia
We need to be a nation that makes things. If our manufacturing keeps moving offshore, we'll be a nation with less opportunities and more exposure to the next global crisis. Only Labor will create a future made in Australia, with advanced manufacturing and exports driven by cheap renewable energy.
Cheaper Childcare for Families
Under Scott Morrison, child care is too expensive. Labor will make child care cheaper. We'll lift the maximum subsidy rate to 90% and increase the taper rates, leaving four in five families better off. Our plan will lift workforce participation and drive economic growth.
Restoring Leadership and Integrity
An Albanese Labor Government will establish a powerful, transparent and independent National Anti-Corruption Commission. Scott Morrison broke his promise to establish one because he's worried about what it would find. Only a Labor Government will lift the standards of our national parliament.

This Election Really Matters

Leadership matters. On climate action. For women. To build a better and stronger future.

But Scott Morrison isn’t up to the job. Whenever we need the Prime Minister most, he’s missing in action.

We can’t risk another term of Scott Morrison and the Liberals.

We need a government that stands up and leads our nation - with purpose, strength and integrity.

We need a Labor Government.

Labor has a plan to secure our prosperity

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The energy transition is an unprecedented opportunity for Australia

With cheap, renewable energy, we can supercharge our economy and rebuild Australia’s manufacturing sector.

Done right, renewables and manufacturing can deliver a self-reliant and prosperous future for our nation.

But after a decade of neglect by Scott Morrison’s Liberals, our energy and manufacturing sectors are in decline while the world races ahead.

It’s more than a missed opportunity – it’s a threat to our economy and our security.

We are missing out on the growth and jobs that our renewable resources could unlock, while leaving ourselves vulnerable to the next global crisis.

Business has shown leadership. Now, government must step up.

And only Labor will make it happen.

Labor's Powering Australia Plan is more than a plan to take climate change seriously

It's a plan to prosper.

Only an Albanese Labor Government will:

  • Legislate net zero emissions by 2050, to send a clear signal that Australia means business and open the floodgates to capital investment in renewables.

  • Modernize our electricity transmission grid, to enable the large-scale renewable projects that will cut power prices and provide the reliable energy our country needs to power industry into the future.

  • Work with business to build A Future Made in Australia. Our manufacturing plan will boost skills, create good Australian jobs, bring industry expertise back onshore and drive national productivity.

This Election Really Matters

This election is a critical juncture for our nation.

We can’t risk another decade of inaction and broken promises under Scott Morrison and the Liberals.

We need a government that leads our nation, so that we seize our opportunities and secure our prosperity into the future.

Labor has a plan for a better future – to spur investment, cut power bills, create good jobs, and reduce emissions by 43% by 2030.

To change our future, we need to change our government.

Read more about our plan here.

How to Vote for Michelle