The Arts

What We’re Doing

A new chapter in Australia’s cultural story has begun. The Albanese Labor Government has released our National Cultural Policy, Revive.

This will set the course for Australia’s arts, entertainment, and cultural sector for the next 5 years. The heart of this policy is about ensuring there is a place for every story, and a story for every place. It will empower our artists to grow their talent and share our diverse stories with the nation.

The policy is supported by $286 million of funding and provides initiatives and support for every part of the sector, including:

  • $199 million dedicated toward establishing Creative Australia, the centrepiece of the policy, which will restore and modernise the Australian Council for the Arts.  
  • $13.4 million used to introduce stand-alone legislation to protect First Nations knowledge and cultural expressions, including to address the harm caused by fake art, merchandise and souvenirs.  
  • $12.9 million to modernise and extend the Public and Educational Lending Right Schemes to include digital content under the schemes. 
  • A new First Nations-led body to support the telling of First Nations histories and stories.
  • A new body, Music Australia, to strengthen initiatives and skill development in the music sector.
  • $11.8 million for the National Gallery of Australia to develop a program to tour their collections around the country.
  • Developing a national arts and disability plan.
  • Creating legislation to mandate local content quotas for streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime.
  • Developing legislation to crackdown on face Indigenous art.

First Nations First

This is a holistic policy to support every part of the sector, but puts First Nations first, recognising these stories are the heart of our arts and culture. Support for First Nations stories includes $80 million towards a national First Nations art gallery in Alice Springs, $50 million in a partnership with the Western Australian government to establish an Aboriginal cultural centre, $5 million to upgrade NAISDA Dance college’s Kariong campus, and $11 million to fund a First Nations language policy.

National Indigenous Visual Arts Action Plan 2021-23

The Plan will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, organisations and businesses in their ability to direct and decide on their cultural and economic interests, and the evolution of their industry.  

The Plan contributes towards Closing the Gap targets and outcomes and acknowledges the ongoing strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in sustaining the world’s oldest living cultures. 

The plan’s initiatives have a strong focus on building economic opportunities and safeguarding cultural practices in a modern digital environment. The plan’s actions include: 

  • Investing in Indigenous art centres across Australia so that artists have better work spaces and opportunities.  
  • Creating stronger markets and professional opportunities for Indigenous artists who do not have access to a service organisation.  
  • Improving internet connection and access to digital infrastructure for Indigenous art centres so that they are able to improve their online selling, do their business better and develop new skills.  

If you would like to read more about the National Indigenous Visual Arts Action Plan you can do so here.