About Higgins

The Division of Higgins is an Australian Electoral Division in Victoria for the Australian House of Representatives. The division covers 41 km2 (16 sq mi) in Melbourne's inner south-eastern suburbs. The main suburbs include Armadale, Ashburton, Carnegie, Glen Iris, Kooyong, Malvern, Malvern East, Murrumbeena, Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra and Toorak, as well as part of Ormond.

The division of Higgins is named after Justice Henry Bournes Higgins (1851–1929), who was a Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly (1894) and president of the Carlton Football Club (1904). He was a founding Member of Australian House of Representatives, serving as the Protectionist member for Northern Melbourne and was the Attorney-General in the Watson Government (1904). He went on to become a Justice of the High Court of Australia (1906–1929).

What's happening?

Higgins Local Charities Register

Jewish Australia Internet Radio

[email protected] | j-air.com.au

A radio station run by volunteers bringing Jewish culture, news, and performers to the airwaves of Melbourne’s Jewish community.

Team Sports 4 All

[email protected] | teamsports4all.com.au

An organisation that provides opportunities for children from low-income families to participate in team sports. 

The Duldig Studio

[email protected] | duldig.org.au 

A museum that seeks to recognise pre-eminent Australian artists and celebrate the Duldig Family’s creative journey


[email protected] | jocare.org.au

A program in the Stonnington area that is dedicated to combating loneliness and social isolating amongst elderly individuals in our community.

Avalon Centre

[email protected] | avaloncentre.org.au

Local organisation that offers assistance for people experiencing homelessness. 

St Martins Youth Arts Centre

[email protected] | stmartinsyouth.com.au 

A youth-focused non-profit performing arts centre that runs workshops for adults and children

Kids in Philanthropy

[email protected] | kip.org.au

Kids in Philanthropy offers opportunities for school-aged children and their families to help meet the needs of disadvantaged young people around Australia.

Pied Piper Toy Library Inc

[email protected] | pptl.org.au 

This local organisation that runs a toy borrowing service for children in the Ashburton community, giving instant access to hundreds of quality toys for families.

Carnegie Toy Library

[email protected] | carnegietoylibrary.com/toys

Helping children learn through play, the Carnegie Toy Library runs a toy borrowing service for children in the Carnegie community.

Men of Malvern Incorporated

[email protected] | menofmalvern.com.au/

Men of Malvern was established in 2012 by a group of local men who support the health and welfare of men, and provide opportunities for socialisation and education amongst their members.


[email protected]

Back2Nettleton is a local community group dedicated to rejuvenating Nettleton Park in Glen Iris. They bring locals together twice a month on working bees, to effectively bring back the bees.

Urban Guerillas

Facebook Group

The Urban Guerrilas invite and encourage young community members to take part in reintroducing and restoring Indigenous biodiversity back into urban landscapes.

Rewilding Stonnington

[email protected] | rewildingstonnington.org

Formed in 2020, Rewilding Stonnington is a local group dedicated to reintroducing Indigenous and endemic plants to Stonnington

Water Well Project


Located in Malvern, the Water Well Project is an award-winning charity that improves the wellbeing of communities from migrant and asylum seeker backgrounds by improving health literacy.